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Listening to your needs is the perfect way for us to
provide you with the best possible job matching tool.
We look forward to having your input!

What to expect?

As with any beta test, you will have free access to all the features that are still under development. This means that your experience with using in beta version will be less stable than the final version. You may encounter a number of bugs and run into questions. Several beta versions may be available during the testing period.
We will make sure to thank all our beta testers for their time.

How to sign up?

It’s simple: if you are a developer or a company looking for a developer, just fill out the form below and we will contact you very soon with more details.
Sign up now, the places are limited!


What to test?

The goal is to try and experience each part of the platform in depth. This includes clicking on each button, trying all the features, and essentially trying to 'break' them in the most creative way possible. Send your comments to our team as often as possible. Whenever you find a bug, a design problem, defective navigation, or something broken, please let us know.
Throughout the testing phase we will send you small challenges to carry out within the environment.
Let’s get started!

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